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Below are links to some other websites with more information on the Bible and what Christadelphians believe. 

The Evidence, You Decide

Life's Big Questions

The Gospel Online

This is your Bible

The Christadelphians

Bible in the News

Weekly World Watch

This is the first video in a 10 part seminar series. The course is intended to:

  • Help and encourage you to open the Bible and read it for yourself

  • To do so in a more organised way so that it is easier to understand and to remember what you read

You can find videos for the rest of the series here.

Other Christadelphian groups

The Christadelphians are a global community with local groups meeting around the world. Below are some sites with interesting content from other Christadelphian gatherings, both near and far.

Mt Waverley Christadelphians, Melbourne

The Christadelphians of Royal Oak, Michigan

Rugby Christadelphians, UK

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